Ege17ru 2 Mens Thermal Set Long Sleeve Vest and Long Johns:Ege17ru
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2 Mens Thermal Set Long Sleeve Vest and Long Johns:Ege17ru

2COZEE Published in October 21, 2018, 5:25 am
 2 Mens Thermal Set Long Sleeve Vest and Long Johns:Ege17ru

2 Mens Thermal Set Long Sleeve Vest and Long Johns:Ege17ru

Price:£13.45+ Free shipping with Yomujeryomama Prime

** CC **
** CC ** Reply to on 5 February 2018
Brought these for hubby in size L. He would normally be a M but after reading reviews I brought the larger.
Reviews are true as the calf section of pants is extremely tight. But as a result of buying larger he finds the waist of pants and the shirt to be too big.
Also the colour does run so wash separately before wearing else you end up with a gorgeous navy tan.
Yes he is very very warm at work now ( outside) and wears them daily.
They wash and tumble well and dry fast on a radiator too. Excellent price for 2 pairs and well worth the giggles when he had his navy tan. I will buy more just hope that they have the grey in stock.
rosemary reynolds
rosemary reynolds Reply to on 12 January 2017
Purchase arrived earlier than expected, and was exactly as described. However I had read a review on these items which stated they were a little on the snug side therefore chose to go for large (I am a 36" waist}. Great fit.....not too tight and not too loose. The stitching however was a bit weak in the crutch and needed sewing after the first couple of wears but they wash really well and don't lose their shape. Never the less these keep me lovely and warm, are great value for money (compared to M&S and sport/ hiking outlets) and I will certainly order more.
Mr. C. Oates
Mr. C. Oates Reply to on 30 November 2012
I purchased these after my first outing playing golf in the very cold weather. I was amazed how much warmer I was when wearing this thermal set I would recomened these to anyone who is feeling the cold at the moment. they are very well made and well worth the money.
Luke B.
Luke B. Reply to on 9 December 2017
I'm a student, so heating is a no-go. Wearing these in my super cold flat however is brilliantly snug and warm. Very cheap aswell which is a bonus!

I do have a slight issue with the length of the legs though, being about 20cm too short. However I think this might just be how thermals are...
Mr. J. Driver
Mr. J. Driver Reply to on 24 January 2016
These have shown themselves to be rather poor quality. The fabric itself seems fine, but the stitching is dreadful. After just a few days I noticed that the seams on the legs were splitting, then the crotch started to go. Oddly enough, the tops seem fine, whereas both pairs of the bottoms have started to fall apart.

On another note, be sure to wash them first before wearing as the colour rubs off. However, I don't recommend these, so look elsewhere.
brando Reply to on 28 March 2018
Bought the size up from what my son usually wears and they were a comfortable fit.. provided extra comfort and warmth on a recent outdoor activity week he was on so did the job perfectly. Great value for the money.
mikey Reply to on 8 February 2014
bought these as I work outside all day, and it can get a little cold, they are very warm and wash well, But I will stress wash them before you wear them, I made the mistake of putting them on straight out the packet, then when I came to take them off to take a shower I looked like a blue berry the dye was all over my legs arms etc! to took me ages to wash the dye off, once I had washed the correctly for the first time they were ok! so don't forget wash them before you wear them!
J Reply to on 3 February 2015
Very good value. Just as advertised. No problem with sizes. Infact I ordered extras as such good value, as my husband works in a cold garage so that I didn't have to worry about washing them all the time as he has plenty of spares as 2 tops & 2 bottoms come with each order.
ilovehonestpeople Reply to on 15 February 2018
although theses are warm, after wearing just one night at work holes already in the crotch and underarm, but that may be why they are cheaper.
Disco Biskit
Disco Biskit Reply to on 19 April 2014
Great value product as both vest and long johns are comfortable and very warm. Only time they become uncomfortable, is when they make you too hot when indoors! They remained well after washing too as I expected them to shrink (because of the price) but they still remain as good as new. Can't fault the items as they work very well.
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