Ege17ru Set of 2 easyJet & British Airways 56x45x25cm Maximum Cabin Hand Luggage Approved Trolley Bag, Huge 60L Capacity, (Black):Ege17ru
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Set of 2 easyJet & British Airways 56x45x25cm Maximum Cabin Hand Luggage Approved Trolley Bag, Huge 60L Capacity, (Black):Ege17ru

5 Cities
5 Cities Published in October 21, 2018, 6:23 am
 Set of 2 easyJet & British Airways 56x45x25cm Maximum Cabin Hand Luggage Approved Trolley Bag, Huge 60L Capacity, (Black):Ege17ru

Set of 2 easyJet & British Airways 56x45x25cm Maximum Cabin Hand Luggage Approved Trolley Bag, Huge 60L Capacity, (Black):Ege17ru

Price:£29.99+ Free shipping

Rachael Iddon
Rachael Iddon Reply to on 28 October 2017
I bought these two cases as they seemed to have the biggest volume available for easyJet hand luggage. I was not disappointed. They allow you to pack a vast amount. With just these two bags we packed all the clothes and shoes a family of five needed for a week away in Spain, on the beach and in the city, including a raincoat each. It did mean that they were heavy and prone to fall over if unattended but using the wheels means it is easy to move them around and we just laid them down if we were sitting for any length of time. If you really packed them solid, they might stretch beyond the approved dimensions but there really shouldn't be any need. The front pocket looks small but it is easily big enough for A4 sized documents. The only down side would be there are no compartments etc inside but on the plus side, they fold flat for easy storage. We've only used them once so who knows how hardwearing they will be but even if we only get 5 trips out of them and we avoid paying for hand luggage, we will easily have saved a lot of money (and time).
Peter Reply to on 29 October 2017
These cases do everything that they say they do and are very light, but they are essentially a soft holdall style of construction on a set of wheels. Although the picture shows them standing up and looking boxy they are floppy and do not stand on their own, which is a minor but annoying feature. They meet EasyJet criteria for cabins provided your packing does not make them bulge too much. I improved mine enormously by adding internal side panels cut from stiff cardboard. However for the money they do the job.
Jacqui Reply to on 24 January 2018
Slight negative that these are flimsy and fall over if not propped up but that has its benefits for storage as they reduced down for stuffing in a cupboard. The amount that you can get in them is great and as someone who likes to take a lot I can now avoid the cost of checked in luggage on EasyJet. I was asked by EasyJet to put it in the frame and I was very smug when it fitted perfectly. I have bought another set for Ryanair to maximise my luggage on my next trip
Mrs Margaret J Crozier
Mrs Margaret J Crozier Reply to on 24 August 2017
The cabin hand luggage trolley bags great and are quite large I had to double check their dimensions to make sure that they were classed as hand luggage. You could easily pack this for a weekend of travel without any problem. They are made of material, are not rigid. Depending on the weight of you luggage you wouldn't necessarily have to use the bags as trolleys you could use the carrying handles if you prefer.
Kempo Reply to on 4 July 2018
Very good, especially at two for £27. Certainly maximises what you can take on an easyJet flight which we just did to Malaga and back with no issue at all. Do remember that you cannot take another bag into the cabin, not even a ladies handbag but you can buy something airside and then put things in the bag you get at the airside shop which can be very useful. If you've paid for speedy boarding/extra legroom seats then you are allowed an extra handbag/laptop. These bags are a little flimsy so avoid them going in the hold if you can, which can happen if a busy flight runs out of overhead locker space. They also tend not to stand up on their own once packed but you can get around that by leaning them against things, a minor issue given how much stuff they let you take, easily enough for a week in the sun and it is quite a saving on paying for a hold bag.
Mr. Steven Mavin
Mr. Steven Mavin Reply to on 3 September 2018
Was slightly worried as they looked too big when I saw them but perfectly fine for easyjet flights. Great capacity, had lots of spare room. Bit floppy, nothing in side to restrain the contents and the bags lack structure but overall good value for money if it is a good size bag you are after.
Mrs D Nuttall
Mrs D Nuttall Reply to on 9 September 2018
Good price, does fit Easy Jet measurements. Convenient cabin bag. As others have said, it could do with being more rigid, but not a major problem and cardboard liner sorts this out. It's lightweight so you can pack a lot in it and still be within any specified weight limits for any airline. It's easy to pull along.
Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson Reply to on 27 May 2017
Bigger than I thought... got everything in that I needed for the week, ....
Mrs. R. Kauser
Mrs. R. Kauser Reply to on 20 April 2018
Not bad for the price you pay..lightweight
Can end up packing them too much and go over the size limitations required for easyJet
Main negative point is that trolleys don’t stand up straight once packed and frequently we’re falling over during use.
J. Sargent
J. Sargent Reply to on 1 August 2018
Excellent hand luggage for Easyjet. Very light and can get loads in. Only downside s that it doesnt stand upright all the time as its a bit like a holdall on wheels but the advantages far out way this, Also had a small problem and customer service was excellent.
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