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Gorgeous (Deluxe Edition):Ege17ru

808 State
808 State Published in September 25, 2018, 3:18 pm
 Gorgeous (Deluxe Edition):Ege17ru

Gorgeous (Deluxe Edition):Ege17ru


L. Button
L. Button Reply to on 12 November 2017
I lost the original. A true electro techno classic. 25 years old and still fresh. Where have the years gone? It’s like I’ve gone back in time!
George Buchanan
George Buchanan Reply to on 25 July 2016
I saw 808 State many times back "in the day" & wanted to add this to my existing CD formats.

Whilst a bit more trance like than their earlier albums, the insert to the front cover explains why, which some enthusiasts will already know, & others will find informative.

Upshot: if you like 808 State, you must have this in your collection.
Patrick Reply to on 19 January 2016
It's 808 state; they don't need a review for you to know how good these godlike artists are!
Eugenio camanzi
Eugenio camanzi Reply to on 5 May 2017
Thank you
david heaton
david heaton Reply to on 24 October 2014
classic good quality prompt
Darren Reply to on 15 September 2011
I guess they have done better.

Officianados may approve of this, but it sounds very same-y to general electronica from the period. Perhaps was expecting a bit too much.

Ok as filler on the iPod, but not making it to the five-star list.
Hannah Stairlift
Hannah Stairlift Reply to on 17 December 2008
I was initially disappointed with this album after the tougher acid grooves of 90 and ExEl, so much so that I sold my copy. Having got the remastered deluxe editions of those 2 albums and been well chuffed I got the deluxe version of Gorgeous. While CD1 has grown on me the real deal is the CD2 mix of remixes and rarities. This is by far the best offering of all the remixes and rarities that come with the deluxe editions of the four albums from 90 to Don Solaris. The tunes are generally big and pumping but melodic dancefloor numbers, the only surprise being why they werent included on any album first time around.
Chandrabhuti/Bhikkshu Reply to on 25 January 2005
this is the only 808 State lp I've heard but have loved it since it came out eons ago. I bought it just because of the cover. I usually only bought hip hop but this was hard enuff to satisfy and with only a couple cheesy vocals I was opened to a whole new world. I bought it again recently and it's still a very diverse lp. I love the raw sounds. Definately a precursor to Chemical Bros soul and other likes but stand well on it's own. great to see it here on amazon.
Pacific808 Reply to on 10 July 2008
Moses is sung by Ian McCullough of Echo and the Bunnymen - Not Bernard Sumner of New Order. Bernard sang on Spanish Heart which appeared on Ex:el, their previous album.
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