Ege17ru Digital Food Dryer & Dehydrator - Fruit Dehydrater with Digital temperature control & Timer:Ege17ru
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Digital Food Dryer & Dehydrator - Fruit Dehydrater with Digital temperature control & Timer:Ege17ru

Garden Secrets
Garden Secrets Published in September 25, 2018, 2:57 pm
 Digital Food Dryer & Dehydrator - Fruit Dehydrater with Digital temperature control & Timer:Ege17ru

Digital Food Dryer & Dehydrator - Fruit Dehydrater with Digital temperature control & Timer:Ege17ru

Price:£29.95+ £4.95 shipping

Alison Gainey
Alison Gainey Reply to on 22 November 2017
Started off working really well, absolutely loved it. Then the trays started to crack around the sides, no matter how carefully you handle them. All my trays are cracked (I bought this about 3 months ago) which I guess means it’s not working as efficiently as it could do now.
Pedro M Caria
Pedro M Caria Reply to on 22 August 2018
So if you're looking for a food dryer to adapt to dry 3d printing filament this is a good choice.
I've been using this for awhile more than a year now it still works, the fan as started to make a bit more noise and I expect that will be the part that will fail.
I've used this to dry nylon mostly, at the highest setting (70C). Works well never had a problem with wet nylon always perfect prints, even with nylon that has been opened a few months (I do keep it in a dry box and start the dryer 1hr before printing).
Works well for ABS(70C) as well, and PLA if you reduce the temperature to around 40C.
Had to cut the interior partitions to fit the filament and printed a custom part with a sk8 bearing to make it smooth.
It has survived not being used for the purpose for which it was created and most of my sessions would be great than the original purpose (40hr print sessions).
All in all I'm happy with my purchase I do think the fans will fail at some point, but I might be able to just swap that, for the price it has already fulfilled what I expected and it's still going.
JackWarr Reply to on 22 January 2017
First class service, my first unit stopped working and had a damaged lid. I was contacted by Bronwin who sent out replacement base unit and lid, gratis. Great unit does exactly what I want it to do. Again excellent service
V Firth
V Firth Reply to on 5 July 2017
I bought this to dry excess fruit from the allotment. I would say throw out the intruction booklet, which appears to have been translated from another language, and play with the timings. Things take longer to dry than advised but its worth waiting for.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 November 2016
Dehydrator just what I wanted. Unfortunately no instruction manual or warranty included in box.
smallfish Reply to on 26 March 2017
Never used an item like this before so unsure what to expect i got it as I was told I could dry vegetables out and give to the dog as a healthy treat it's taken some playing with so get what I need but it's very easy to follow and use lots of fun to come.
Mrs Pooladam
Mrs Pooladam Reply to on 30 August 2018
Perfect for shrinking down all my garden produce. Storing apples/courgettes/ tomatoes etc takes up too much freezer space, spending hours preserving when I wish I could be outside is also frustrating. Drying food is not labour intensive and it's amazing how all that veg etc shrinks down . I then store in Mason type jars in a cupboard, so no fears if there's a power cut if loosing food. I am a novice but have found things take longer than I thought, maybe I need to cut tings up a little thinner.
annie Reply to on 24 October 2016
Fab piece of kitchen kit. Have used it loads since it was delivered. Does exactly what I wanted it for (mainly dog treats). Still learning about times etc but wouldn't be without it now.
Gavin Beard
Gavin Beard Reply to on 27 July 2017
The unit arrived well packed, with clear instructions on its usage.

The product build quality lets it down a little (especially the sticker around the front dial) but it still functions very well.

There are times that the shelves feel a little brittle, but if care is taken (as with all electronics) it should last long enough.
review Reply to on 12 December 2017
Very large, and a little noisy, but it is a quality dehydrator and does the job well, plenty of space to play with :)
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