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Domini Kemp
Domini Kemp Published in September 25, 2018, 3:58 pm
 The Ketogenic Kitchen:Ege17ru

The Ketogenic Kitchen:Ege17ru

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Jane Reply to on 12 July 2018
I really enjoyed reading this book, and it offers tons of great ideas for someone following a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle. A previous reviewer complained that there were too many 'low carb' recipes in it, but I think it is great that both the authors have given their different perspectives on what works as a diet for them, which gives the reader much more flexibility when choosing what to follow.

Both these ladies have been through cancer, and bravely share their stories which offer hope and encouragement to someone facing a diagnosis. They offer both stand alone recipes and more formal meal plans if wanting to follow with some greater guidance about food choices. They specify very precise amounts of each ingredient which needs to be adhered to (especially with the keto) as every gram really does count towards your totals, and offer a recipe breakdown after each recipe of net carbs, fibre, protein and fat which is really helpful if you use fit day or similar to track your macros.

The home made turmeric mayo recipe is fabulous, and the tip on how to make it is just genius! I have always shied away from making it before as it seemed time consuming and tedious, but not any more.

The only 2 niggles I had with the book (and hence the loss of a star) is that they say that soy is a 'safe' food, although stress it should be organic and non GM - well sorry, soy is not safe, especially not for cancer patients - or indeed anyone (check out the Weston Price Foundation for more information on this), and I feel that Patricia, as a Nutritionist really should know better.

Also, it is a well known fact that eating charred or blackened food is a carcinogenic, but the picture of bacon which goes with the 'breakfast buns' is horribly blackened around the edges! I noticed this in other places in the book too. A small detail but one that should have been picked up by the Editor.

Having said that, I think the book is an excellent resource, beautifully written and well worth a read.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 3 September 2016
I absolutely love this book. Easy to follow recipes and a great guide on what to eat, what to limit, and what to avoid when following a Ketogenic Diet. My meals have certainly been more varied. I have made so many bookmarks in this book, it is a matter of a random pick to see what delicious meal I will make next!
Cliente Amazon
Cliente Amazon Reply to on 16 June 2018
This is my favourite ketogenic cookbook, and I have quite a few: it's just such a breath of fresh air.

Being keto and having cancer, I'm sick to death of cooks and their recipes suggesting I eat cheap bacon, butter, sausage meat, and cheese (sometimes all whacked together in a horrific hybrid fat-bomb that'll give you nightmares about wading through lard). This book is so different: it's designed for people who want to stay low carb or in ketosis, while getting as many nutrients as possible, and feeling like they're eating normally.

'Cause eating butter wrapped in bacon ain't normal. End of story.

Bound beautifully in hardback and featuring stunning colour photos, it would be a great addition to anyone's kitchen due to the sheer imagination it contains. Featuring everything from simple dinners (Patricia's shepherd's pie is to die for, and truly better than any 'normal' recipe), to breakfast ideas (blackberry pancakes which I personally smother in coconut yoghurt), it even has a range of incredibly elegant meals that have wowed both me and my guests. And they've truly improved my repertoire too, as I'm a really keen cook (who can't possibly go on without learning new stuff).

Salmon poached in green tea? Herb and curry crusted cod? Asian lamb stir fry? YES PLEASE!

If you want to stay in ketosis but can't bare eating any more heavy, indulgent recipes dripping with fat, this will change your life.

Thank you ladies, so much. X
Kris Reply to on 25 June 2018
This book is well presented but it just isn’t practical in the sense of the keto meal plan which is for 4 weeks. There’s literally a different meal for breakfast, lunch and tea. No one has 84 different meals on the bounce. The amount of waste you have would be insane. It’s not even as if the leftovers you would have from day one links into recipes for day two etc.....

Also, and this is the main disappointment. Skimming through the book there’s around 1 image for every 5 recipes or so. I highly doubt the images that are in this book are the ones which correlate to the actual recipe. I’m an extremely good home cook and following several recipes to the T, I’ve been unable to replicate the image shown in this book.

I would save your money!
Bradders Reply to on 20 October 2017
This is a great book, with lots of useful recipes and background to the ketogenic diet. They have gone to great lengths to make the recipes tasty and to share their knowledge of the ketogenic diet and its potential health benefits.
v Reply to on 4 April 2018
The ideas in the book are great. Often recipes are for large quantities which can be tricky if trying to cook for one. Some are not accurate. Macros do not always tally with Cronometer - if that is important make sure you check otherwise you will easily come out of Ketosis. Many recipes are very delicious. Fantastic effort by the authors. Good start for learning the Keto way.
Julie H
Julie H Reply to on 31 January 2017
Easy to read, easy to understand. Love the split approach and stories behind it. Good of you want be really strict and keto or just go low carb. Clear info on macros. Helping me manage my migraines with keto diet.
Lola Reply to on 29 September 2017
Great recipes and illustrations. Macronutrient breakdowns of each recipe are useful for those following a ketogenic plan or for those who are watching their macronutrient intake.
Mrs Ford
Mrs Ford Reply to on 4 May 2018
A great book with both theory and practice covered. The.cover looks alarmingly healthy and happy hat put me off for nearly a year but this works, well for both, as a illness treatment and as a weight loss diet.
Stellina Brillante
Stellina Brillante Reply to on 27 September 2017
Brilliant and practical with enough info to allow reader to understand why they are following the diets.
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