Ege17ru FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 25240 "Jumpscare Game:Ege17ru
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FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 25240 "Jumpscare Game:Ege17ru

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Published in September 25, 2018, 2:40 pm
 FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 25240 "Jumpscare Game:Ege17ru

FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 25240 "Jumpscare Game:Ege17ru

Price:£18.94+ Free shipping with Iracematravel Prime

Simon Kent
Simon Kent Reply to on 24 March 2018
I’ve bought this for my son’s birthday, he’s specifically asked for this game after seeing it on the amazon website......
The courier arrived with the game in his hands, no packaging at all, not even a sealed recyclable bag, and my son was sitting nearby. Luckily I was able to hide the game without him seeing it!
But even worse, the Amazon sticker (with the address, product details and barcodes) was stuck on the actual game box! I’ve not been able to completely remove all of the sticker without ripping the box - this is so lame , pretty ridiculous and really disappointing for me that, as a result of this, I have to give a crappy looking gift to my son......
I really hope the game is as good as he expects it to be to make up for my disappointment......
V.Ward Reply to on 17 April 2018
Its no where near as big as shown in the pictures on here, they keep showing it next to peoples hands well its untrue those hands would have to belong to a baby to get the sizes they are showing as the game is only as big as about 6 inchs, its definitely NOT worth the money for the size it is I would say £12 would be a fair price
VickyA15 Reply to on 7 August 2018
My son loves this. After reading some reviews it was rubbish. I wasn’t expecting much. But this is much better than most of these games they make now a days. There certainly not as robust as they used to be.

This has certainly been dropped so on. It’s still fine. The music is a tad annoying. But hey ho. That’s toys for you.
Steve Porter
Steve Porter Reply to on 1 April 2018
I bought this for sons xmas and it was played once before it stopped working. From elation to upset as his favourite toy failed to last more than five minute. Attempted to get refund or replacement fell on deaf ears. I wouldnt waste my time on it. Disappointing service and after sales service. Toy itself is back in box and being covered in dust
Bid Daddy
Bid Daddy Reply to on 30 April 2018
Very disappointed with they way this has been delivered. I have purchased this for my grandson and cannot get these stickers off!!!!!.........looks terrible!!!!
Mr. D. P. Schofield
Mr. D. P. Schofield Reply to on 21 August 2018
Happy customer, sound isn't very loud, but the kids love a jump scare, works on a pattern that can be figured out quite easily
Carol Jacob
Carol Jacob Reply to on 26 March 2018
Arrived on time and my Grand Daughter loved her Birthday Present
jj Reply to on 5 August 2018
fun game
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 26 August 2018
Toy looks great not opened it as its a Christmas present son will love this
alyssa hawkins
alyssa hawkins Reply to on 27 March 2018
Arrived quickly, son loves it, all round good product
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