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Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer:Ege17ru

Kärcher Published in September 25, 2018, 3:02 pm
 Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer:Ege17ru

Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer:Ege17ru

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Mark Williams
Mark Williams Reply to on 30 May 2017
OMG, this pressure washer is the dog's jewels. It is a solid build and heavy, so the wheels and handle are essential and make it easy to move around. Used the patio cleaner attachment and what an amazing difference to the last time I cleaned it with just a lance. It is so much faster and so much less mess than just a lance. No need to go back round cleaning the walls and windows after all the spray. It gives very consistent results to. I was so impressed I could not stop cleaning, I must have cleaned over 100 square meters of patio in about 3 hours!
The auto feed cleaner fluid system is brilliant. Just take the top off and insert the bottle upside down. No mixing or tubes and it goes with the main unit all the time. You can reuse the bottle too so I bought 5L and you can refill it 5 times for the price of 2 smaller ones.
I also washed my car with this pressure washer as I was having so much fun. Did a great job with a shampoo bottle, just swapped them over, no spills either.
The gun and hose are a good length, though the power cable could do with being longer, but I just used an extension lead.
All the cables wind up neatly and the lance and handle store on the unit too. All in one wheeled in and out of my shed!
Best buy for years!
Just buy this, you will not be disappointed!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 April 2016
I now have no friends due to spending endless hours cleaning everything within an inch of its life. A great product
Richard Reply to on 27 April 2018
Setup was actually relatively straightforward in my opinion. The packaging is odd though. There was a bag with just two screws in, and another bag with the handle and all the other screws. The bag with two screws also had a bit of broken plastic in, which was concerning. However, it doesn't appear to belong to any of the parts to my pressure washer. Not that I've found yet anyway.

To be fair, the instructions aren't great. The pictures first, then the English instructions 5 pages later. Although marrying the instructions to the pictures seems like a futile exercise. Basically, push the wheels all the way in and screw them in. Handle on the top, then screw that in. The pressure washer "holster" on the front... Screw that in. The base piece uses two long plastic "dowels". As far as I can tell, you position the base then push them in at the bottom at a 45 degree-ish angle. Getting the tube from the back, through the gap took a few tries to get right (ie without leaving it "bent" at the back).

All this said, I can't help but feel they could have done most, if not all of this in the factory and used a slightly bigger box!

I've subsequently realised that the bottle mixer unit is a bit of a mis-sell. I was under the impression that it would mix the soap in with the patio/brick cleaner as I used it. WRONG! You are supposed to apply the patio cleaner using the "multi" nozzle tool first, then use the patio/brick cleaning tool afterwards. That's a lot of faffage. I've ended up not bothering with the cleaner.

But the main power nozzle really packs a punch. I'm actually quite pleased it doesn't pack any more, as I was wondering at times if it would lift the stones off of the patio! I'm pleased to say it didn't, but very quickly swept sand into the new gaps to avoid any sinking issues (I hope!).

Overall I'm pleased with it. It is much more powerful than the K2 I had before, meaning I can hold the nozzle further back, cleaning more surface area... That equals a quicker job!

Yeah, I'd say buy it!
Susan Reply to on 23 April 2018
This works well, and We have now used it to do a few chores, patio cleaning, car washing etc, this is our third Kharcher, over 35 years, always having the K2s which were good, bought this K4 because it’s easier to pop bottles of solution into the machine then to phaff about with little tubes to poke inside of bottles, which then get knocked over, my only complaint is there were a couple little plastic cosmetic bits missing from the wheels, which are covers, I did contact Amazon and they were happy to replace the whole lot, but were unable to just send the missing bits, and I just couldn’t be bothered with all that hassle for just two little plastic discs, but the machine works brilliantly and I would reccomend it.
BR Reply to on 30 May 2016
Excellent service and excellent product.
Ordered this on Friday 27th May, delivered on Sunday 29th May - WOW!!
Very easy to put together, just read the instructions and look at the photographs/diagrams.
Bought this model to replace my old air cooled 15 year old Karcher which had "given up the ghost" last year.
Used today (30th May) for the first time to clean my patio; what a difference, so much quieter, much better water flow and more powerful.
Used it in conjunction with the T-350 Surface Cleaner which is absolutely superb.
I have a major back problem and standing or bending for any length of time is really painful, but using the new K4 in conjunction with the T-350 Surface Cleaner the job was so much easier and so much faster.
As one does, I trawled through all the reviews and all the different purchasing before deciding on this particular model and purchasing it from Amazon. Absolutely no regrets, over the moon with both the service, the product and the price.
Eric Masson
Eric Masson Reply to on 30 April 2017
A great pressure washer, perfect for the car and around the garden and the house, a very worthwhile investment.
Peter W.
Peter W. Reply to on 25 February 2017
Does everything I wanted after replacing an old B&Q pressure washer which wasn't that good and eventually broke. Karcher brochure very helpful in choosing the model you want and was reason I bought one rather than another brand with less info to make an informed choice.
The vario-lance (where you obviously can vary power) and dedicated lance for hard surfaces both work extremely well. Some other models come with a cleaning kit, but this one had stone detergent included anyway (just no car wash type brush).
More power than I had before, plus the 'trolley' and longer pressure hose. The next model up had 'advantage' of a reel for winding the hose, but 1 reviewer said it could cut into the hose, so I avoided that one.
MAIN THING is that K4 and up have water passing through motor, for cooling and an auto switch off when you release the trigger and stop. Neither was true for my old B&Q model, and that was what killed it in the end. But note that base Karcher models don't have cooled motor either, SO BEWARE. The higher priced model was definitely worth it for me.
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas Reply to on 30 July 2018
This bad boy can do it all, power, spray and with the additional kit can sort out decking and a patio in no time. It made easy work of the 300m2 of drive, patio and decking getting all the crud, moss and dirt off without any drama or fuss. It used to take about three hours to get it all done properly, I had the lot done in 45 mins easily.

It can take detergent through the top and I found it very, very simple to put together. It has a very long feed and a long cable too. Very much worth the extra cash. I found the LCD display superfluous for my needs but handy if you are new to jet washing something to double-check I suppose.

Very recommended.
brianfennell Reply to on 14 May 2018
Firstly,I would recommend this to anyone.
Delivery was a day late but that's ok.
The power in the K4 is more than adequate for domestic use. In fact the standard gun attachment was brilliant on paving with no need for the "power blaster" (or whatever it's called) part. As has been said on reviews,it wouldn't be essential that somebody would need the T-racer attachments (the ones that are promoted for patios). If you have time and are willing to do it,the standard attachment,set to "hard" does a fantastic job. This would be a good point for somebody mulling over whether to get the home edition or just the standard K4.
When purchasing,please remember,there is no hose attachment,getting your water supply to the machine and you will need to have a hose of sorts. There are numerous attachments available to convert ur hose so that it may attach to the K4 and buying essentially a Karcher one is not obligatory. Also,a plug extension cable might not be a bad idea,bordering on,"yes,you'll probably need one".
Overall....definitely worth getting and unless you wash cars for a living,you probably wouldn't need to go as extreme as K5 or K7.
Mr Alan Travis
Mr Alan Travis Reply to on 12 October 2016
This is an excellent pressure washer with different pressure settings. My only complaint would be that detergent will only go through if you have it on the lowest pressure setting. This works fine with the jet hose but the pressure is not low enough on any of the settings on the paving cleaner attachment and so no detergent flows meaning you have to administer the detergent with the lance.
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