Ege17ru Hydrate 2.2 Litre Water Bottle - Now With Easy Drink Cap - Durable & Extra Strong - BPA Free - Ideal for Gym, Dieting, Bodybuilding, Outdoor Sports, Hiking & Office - 100% Satisfaction:Ege17ru
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Hydrate 2.2 Litre Water Bottle - Now With Easy Drink Cap - Durable & Extra Strong - BPA Free - Ideal for Gym, Dieting, Bodybuilding, Outdoor Sports, Hiking & Office - 100% Satisfaction:Ege17ru

Hydrate Published in September 25, 2018, 3:27 pm
 Hydrate 2.2 Litre Water Bottle - Now With Easy Drink Cap - Durable & Extra Strong - BPA Free - Ideal for Gym, Dieting, Bodybuilding, Outdoor Sports, Hiking & Office - 100% Satisfaction:Ege17ru

Hydrate 2.2 Litre Water Bottle - Now With Easy Drink Cap - Durable & Extra Strong - BPA Free - Ideal for Gym, Dieting, Bodybuilding, Outdoor Sports, Hiking & Office - 100% Satisfaction:Ege17ru

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Saoirse Faulds
Saoirse Faulds Reply to on 7 December 2017
I purchased this water bottle as I know myself I don't drink enough water on any given day. It holds 2.2l of water and on the bottle itself there is markings every 250ml so you know how much you've drank/still to drink. The markings on the side do only go up to 2l, but it would hold an extra 200ml before it overflows.

It's of good quality and I have had no issues with it leaking at all. I've also had a lying on its side in the fridge to cool and still no problems at all.

This is now the 3rd day that I've used it and I've taken it with me when I'm out and I feel that I'm more conscious that I need to be drinking as it's right beside me.

When drinking from the bottle there is a clip lid that goes over the bit that you drink from. There is also a small hole above this that allows air flow when drinking from it so the bottle doesn't collapse or your mouth doesn't get suctioned onto it.

I would say that the product is well worth the money and I'm glad that I bought it.

Only downfall is that you will never be out the toilet...but that's no fault of the bottle, just a bladder that isn't used to that amount of liquid.
JoNeS Reply to on 20 March 2017
Had mine for about a week. Flip top lid makes it easier to drink from than the earlier incarnations.

Very sturdy I have dropped it at the gym twice and hasn't been damaged or leaked. The plastic being BPA free is a plus. Wrist Strap is small for my gorilla hands. But all in all a great water bottle and at 2ltrs it lasts plenty for a long gym session or a day at work. Also flip top lid does seal the bottle pretty well, no leaks thus far.
Carlos Reply to on 4 December 2017
I bought this bottle with one objective:
Fill the bottle with water in the morning and finish it by the evening!

The bottle itself is built out of pretty strong plastic, it is slightly transparent and it has markings every 250ml all the way up to 2L (not 2.2L as you would assume). The lid has a nice hole to drink from it directly and it seems pretty water tight from what I have tested so far.

When you unscrew the lid, you have a very wide hole. Easy to pour other liquids too and mostly importantly, easy for powder scoops to fit into!

I am very happy with this purchase and it would be great for someone who wants a New Years Resolution of drinking more water or getting healthier!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 9 February 2018
Who would've thought a water bottle could be so amazing? I don't mean this sarcastically - there is a level of thought and care in the design of the bottle which is evident immediately, and becomes more evident upon regular use.

For instance - the cap. Something that screws on with a hole in it to drink from? Right, but no. The quality is beautiful and sturdy, the secondary hole to drink more smoothly is a bonus, the flip cover - which covers both the drinking hole and the air hole nicely - is well-fitting and never had a drop leak out, and as if that wasn't enough, it screws in at the perfect place each time, so you can drink directly by shifting the weight of the bottle onto your fist. Every time. I was amazed, truly.

And then, there's the holder which is attached securely and firmly to the neck of the bottle. A bottle made of a strong, resilient material that has withstood everything I've thrown at it. Trust me when I saw that I have manhandled this bottle in every possible way, from using as a faux knuckleduster, to being the subject to test the theory of centrifugal force. A new meaning of durability.

Spotless. Beautiful. A work of art, which I use every day and helps me avoid non-reusable plastic bottles. I'm a bargain hunter by nature but spend the extra few bob, you'll not regret it.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 April 2017
The size is great for having my recommended daily water intake. Ergonomic and easy to hold. The only downside is that the flip top doesn't lock into the mouthpiece and so water leaks if you're not careful. It feels like there should have been a rubber washer around it to lock it in place?
Laurnece Wilcox
Laurnece Wilcox Reply to on 8 January 2018
Use this bottle everyday in work and at the gym. Was guilty of not drinking enough water throughout the day but now I have no excuses. Well made product abd easy to use. If you are like me and you feel like you could do with drinking more water each day then get one of these. Saves you getting up to refill a standard water bottle all day long. Durable and easy to carry. It gives you a sense of achievement when you finish the bottle. It isn’t as bulky as I thought it would be which is a bonus. Great product would fully recommend. Easiest way to keep a track on how much you drink each day.
Anna Reply to on 18 May 2017
This is a great product. I have vowed to drink 2 litres everyday and this keep a me right on track.
The easy spout is great, so you are not glugging down the water half choking yourself!
It has a easy carry handle, with the measurements on one side and good colour too!
Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O Reply to on 17 July 2018
I laughed at my son when I saw the size of his bottle. But then I saw the logic of having the full days minimum water in one container. So, I bought one too and I am glad I did. I realise now that a glass here and a glass there was no way to ensure that I drank enough water in the day. I still have my 2 mugs of morning coffee and I still have my pint glass of water by the bed at night but this makes sure I am well hydrated during the day especially during the present heat wave.
The product is heavy when full and should be handled with care. Also, it does sometimes squeak in use but I don't care. Occasionally, it is hard work to finish the bottle but I persevere. Drinking more water has curbed my appetite and I have lost a little weight. Bonus!
Ash Reply to on 29 December 2017
Used this bottle today at the gym and really happy with it.

Compared to other similar ones, this one has a flip top to drink out of rather than having to unscrew like my old bottle had.

No leaks and seems strong enough.
Mrs Khan
Mrs Khan Reply to on 27 April 2018
This is a great bottle, I fill it up two times a day and know that I've drank between 2 to 4 litres of water per day or at least 2 litres no matter what! Great shape, nice big handle so it's easy to hold. Don't know what the red bit is for. My only criticism is that the lid at the top doest close at all, it just sits on top of the open bit lightly, so the bottle has to be upright at all times or there will be major spillage.
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