Ege17ru The Jeweller's Wife A compelling tale of love, war and temptation:Ege17ru
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The Jeweller's Wife A compelling tale of love, war and temptation:Ege17ru

Judith Lennox
Judith Lennox Published in September 25, 2018, 2:34 pm
 The Jeweller's Wife A compelling tale of love, war and temptation:Ege17ru

The Jeweller's Wife A compelling tale of love, war and temptation:Ege17ru


elliebee Reply to on 13 June 2016
I have been a fan of Judith Lennox since the late 1980s and have read all her books. The characters in each book invariably conform to a pattern, but I don't mind that as the stories and settings are different each time.
I really enjoyed this story, which covers the lives a middle-class family the Wintertons (from 1938 to 1966) headed by Henry Winterton, a forceful domineering man who has inherited the jewellery business from his father. He marries Juliet, a nineteen year old artist's daughter who has grown up in a bohemian home in Egypt, losing her mother at a young age. Juliet falls in love with the ancestral home, Marsh Court in Maldon but sadly although she knows Henry doesn't love her she puts her heart and soul into the marriage, despite Henry's frequent outbursts of temper and unwarranted criticism of her and just about everyone he knows. They have two children, Piers and Charlotte (Charley) whose lives become entwined with those of their cousins through childhood to adulthood. Throughout years we read of their hopes, dreams, marriages, illicit affairs and how past secrets and acrimonious relationships threaten to destroy the Wintertons' livelihood and family loyalties.
My only criticism in this latest book by Judith Lennox is that there are many more characters than in her previous stories and at times I got a bit confused, but despite that I found it hard to put down, as i have with all her other books, which along with this one, I thoroughly recommend.
Jane Baker
Jane Baker Reply to on 13 March 2017
A family saga, quite light in literary terms but very engaging nonetheless. This is a tale of an extended family, on the surface united and happy. Underneath intrigue and secrets abound, leading to more than the usual tensions. But this is an outwardly respectable family which must keep up appearances. Juliet with her muddled, unhappy life, is the family member, the jeweller's wife, around whom this story revolves. A very cosy read, full of suspense and drama with exacting tragic interludes, set in a location on a causeway which plays an exciting part which takes an appalling cost on the lives of many in the story.
Alison Reply to on 6 January 2017
Frankly this felt a little bit long and drawn-out - it could have easily been cut to tell the same story. Much as I have enjoyed previous books by this author, I don't think that this was one of her best - the characters were drab and uninspiring and none of them had a 'handle', nothing to grab and identify with, which is something Ms Lennox normally does so well. It felt in parts as if it were writing by numbers, and the plot is far too thin to sustain a book of such length. When it came to the generation after Juliet (the main character - very drab and grey) it felt as if they had very much been painted in just to fill in a little more space. On the whole, a disappointment, although it certainly passed an idle couple of days. It could have been so much more and I think that's the real shame of it - it's a missed opportunity, which is very unlike this author.
Ann L
Ann L Reply to on 28 August 2017
I have yet to be disappointed with a novel by Judith Lennox and this one is just as engrossing as all her others. She is my favourite author by far, her books are well researched with characters I root for and the descriptions of the areas her books are set in are like paintings, I can see them, feel them, smell them. A family saga that I didn't want to end. I had kept this on my kindle as long as I could, savouring the time I would read it, rather like that last expensive chocolate in the box, that's how much I enjoy her books. Looking forward to her next book that I see is out early next year. Keep writing Judith.
T.Jones Reply to on 12 January 2018
Chose this book because of the enjoyment of reading another book by Judith Lennox. It didn't let me down, good story, nothing too fanciful, absorbed me into the story, and the family it was about. But, I thought the ending was rushed, as if the author had suddenly run out of words, and needed to tidy up all the loose ends, quickly. That was disappointing, and left me a bit stunned at the speed that the story was wrapped up.
Pawpaw Reply to on 4 May 2017
I loved this book which is not one I would choose to read about love affairs and family matters but I persevered with it and wanted it to go on and on's a very easy read which can be put down and picked up but it's not easy to put down towards the end and I would encourage anyone who doesn't normally read love stories to give it a try.
Marie Cornford
Marie Cornford Reply to on 17 October 2016
I really enjoyed this book. I have read all of Judith's books over the years as she is such a great writer, the dialogue between the characters flows(unlike some authors who I won't mention) and this makes it an easy flowing story to read. It' a great story and I was sorry to finish it!
Mrs S V Allen
Mrs S V Allen Reply to on 19 September 2017
Really good read and evocative of an area I know. Believable up to the end which seems a bit engineered and contrived but I would thoroughly recommend
Lynne W
Lynne W Reply to on 25 February 2016
The first Judith Lennox book I ever read was The Dark Eyed Girls and I have been hooked since then. I love her books and they never disappoint. In fact Judith Lennox and Maeve Binchy are the only authors whose books I have read more than once.
Madeleine Reply to on 13 May 2018
I found the early chapters a bit rushed, but history was being laid....after that I was absorbed and could imagine it all.
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