Ege17ru Venture 2 Stage Car Seat Protector:Ege17ru
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Venture 2 Stage Car Seat Protector:Ege17ru

Venture Published in October 21, 2018, 6:00 am
 Venture 2 Stage Car Seat Protector:Ege17ru

Venture 2 Stage Car Seat Protector:Ege17ru

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Gavin T.
Gavin T. Reply to on 2 May 2017
I have bought one of these to use in my Nissan Qasqai+2 which has leather seats.
I have only just installed it but can see that it will provide better protection that the normal Venture car seat protector which I also have.

I needed a new seat protector as I wanted one for our second car, as the other car has fabric seats I thought that I'd get one of these to help protect the leather.
I think the normal seat protector fitted the seat better, but having said that this one seems to fit OK and will be better once it's had a time to mould to the shape of the seat as it was folded in the packaging it may need bending into the shape of our seats.

I like the look of this and having seem both products I'd recommend this one especially if you have leather seats but the there normal car set protector is also very good.
AlanM Reply to on 25 June 2017
This is a very robust seat protector and would I'm sure,have given my car seats the protection I wanted. However as other reviewers have pointed out they do have a couple of design issues.Firstly the protectors are a bit on the wide side for my current car seats and they do make fitting the seat belt awkward. Secondly the lip, which would be a useful for catching "accidents" is sadly a drawback when it comes to putting in the isofix fittings as it is nigh on impossible to push the isofix bars in without catching the lip unless you have about six hands to push the seat and protector down while inserting the fixings.
I currently have a Peugeot Partner Tepee but my Seat Alhambra is due to arrive shortly and I will update this review when I fit the protectors and child seat in the new car.
audrey Reply to on 9 April 2017
This product has good and bad points

Good: provide good protection and is fairly easy to install
Bad: it really smells, I had to leave it out to "breath" for a week before installing it
It is slightly too wide meaning it overlaps on the next seat making it difficult for someone to use it (mostly due to it covering the seatbelt)
Iain Reply to on 31 March 2016
This is a good quality seat protector but it is so wide at the base (55cm) that it covers the seat belt connection, making it impractical if you want to use this device.

I have an Audi A4 and Nissan Qashqai and this seat protector covered the buckles in both cars, preventing me from having an ISO high back booster seat in the car which uses the seat belt tound the child.
Good product if you don't want to use the seat belt.
Colin Pritchard
Colin Pritchard Reply to on 19 September 2017
the lovely photo of this product shows it nicely curving over the contours of the seat...... NO!! It does not do this even after having it for a while. It sticks out at bizarre angles due to the creases formed during packaging from the factory and transit. The velcro is not strong enough or substantial enough to hold the 2 pieces together in position. I bought this to protect my back seat from my wheelchair when I need to carry it on the back seat. very dissapointed.
EmmaB Reply to on 5 April 2016
Have only used it in the later stage as it was purchased to go under Isofix base to protect seat in new vehicle so can't comment on how it would suit a 0+/1 stage car seat.
A good size and arrived well packaged. Covers some space around the base and back of car seat (we have a recaro car seat).
O&T's Daddy
O&T's Daddy Reply to on 15 May 2016
Doing the job they are supposed to do which is protecting my leather seats from the indentations left behind from child seats, and spills and sand, and chocolate.
With the straps that fit around the rear headrests, and the stiffness of this product there are no problems with them staying in place. Only possible downside, the base cover is possibly too large and gets in the way when trying to secure the seat belt buckle. Currently fitted in Land Rover Freelander
Rhiannon Morgan
Rhiannon Morgan Reply to on 26 September 2016
Great seat protection really good quality and look smart, only problem is they block the seatbelt sockets partly so I have to strap the kids in rather than them being able to do it themselves. I'm tempted to cut the part blocking out but worried this will ruin the look.
tiny tycoon
tiny tycoon Reply to on 6 April 2017
Great for protecting your seats. I bought these as my daughter had started putting her feet on the seats when on long journeys. Now the seats are protected, perfect.
Leo in London
Leo in London Reply to on 7 April 2016
Product looks and feels sturdy and arrived in good time. When opened, there was a very strong synthetic smell - I'd leave it in the open for a day or two for the smell to go away if you were planning on using it for an infant.

Comes with a strap that can be fastened around the headrest to hold the back in place. Back & the bottom parts are held velcro so I'm guessing it's going to be easy to clean
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